Our Company is committed to provide the finest quality Briquetting machines, which conform to the international quality standards.

Looking for Biomass Briquetting Plant & Briquetting Machine? In today’s world, Powders and fines not only contaminate environment badly, but also waste a lot of energy. It’s a big problem for our sustainable development. JKMT is a Pioneer company in the field of manufacturing and supplying complete range of Briquettes. We supply a complete briquetting line. All our products are engineered by highly educated professionals from optimum grade spares, components and other material.

Briquetting Machines is known by other titles like briquetting press machine, briquettes machine, briquette machine and briquette press machine mainly used to process tailing disposals and suppress powder materials that are hard to take shape. Due to the rapid increase of energy demand and skyrocketing price of traditional fuel like coal and natural gas, more and more people tend to be concerned about solid biomass fuel production. These machines are available in variegated range suiting every one's choice and budget.  

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools located in Rajkot, Gujarat is the top manufacturer and Supplier of finest quality briquetting plant. Biomass briquetting plants are very commendable machines producing one of the best biodegradable & environment friendly fuel apt for numerous varieties of Industries. We produce and supply an entire series of briquetting plants that offer exceptional performance and very high output. We also fabricate custom-made machines according to the specifications mentioned by our patrons. These biomass briquetting plants make briquettes or bio-coal or white coal from wastages of Agriculture, Forest, and Industries. These briquettes have a very broad scope in the Industrial as well as domestic applications.


What is Biomass Briquetting?

Biomass Briquetting Machine

Biomass Briquetting is a procedure of obtaining a bio-degradable kind of fuel from bio-mass such as crop residues like stalks, husks, dusts, leaves, hay or straw, coir, shells etc or forest wastages like leaves, stalks, twigs, wood, barks etc. This process involves processing the raw-material under high pressure and temperature with our briquetting plants. This causes the reduction of the material density. This happens because the material when subjected to adequate pressure causes discharge of ample lignin to bind the material and thereby compressing of the material.  As the density of the material minimizes the thermal calorific value raises, leading to formation of very efficient and useful fuel known as briquettes. The process also causes the evaporation or drying of excess moisture, thus the combustion of the fuel is much more rapid, even and effectual as compared to the raw-material.

Application of Biomass Briquettes

Biomass Briquetting

Biomass briquettes or bio-fuel are widely used in household, commercial applications as well as in numerous types of Industries.

  • Domestic applications include cooking, baking, water-heating, fire-place etc.
  • Commercial applications such as hotel and restaurants, laundry, bakery etc.
  • Various types of Industries use briquettes for their heat based applications such as  
  • Steam generation in power plants
  • Boilers of Industries
  • Thermal applications in textile Industries
  • Brick kiln
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Ceramic & refractory Industries
  • Paper pulp Industries
  • Food processing Factories
  • Leather Industries
  • Foundry
  • Metal heating and melting
  • Black smith heat applications
  • Oil extraction
  • Sugar factory
  • Dyeing industries
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