Advantages of Biomass Briquetting

Abundant demand due to its low cost, unlikely to rising cost of fossil fuel
It is a renewable source of fuel and energy
Tax benefits from govt. bodies and incentives too.
Relaxed rules as govt. approved
Easy to move and transfer
No sulfur emission throughout the process
Cost efficient as well as efficient
Precisely designed to ensure uniform shape and size of the end product
Rugged construction guarantee a long life expectancy

Advantages of Biomass briquette produced by our biomass briquette machine over the fossil fuels:

Environment friendly source of energy
Renewable energy fuel
Greater thermal calorific value
Lower ash content, in contrast to coal & wood
Low moisture content resulted in higher burning efficiency
Cost effective than other fuels like coal & wood
There is no sulphur or any unsafe gas emission
High density, thus high carbon amount
Uniform shape offers smooth transportation & combustion
Constant combustion, unlikely to other fuels

Benefits of briquettes produced by our biomass briquetting machine over coal:

The uniform shape of briquettes produced by our biomass briquetting offers convenient handling, packing and transportation
Virtually 10% low ash content in contrast to coal produces 25 to 40% ash content
Briquettes manufactured from our biomass briquetting machine are inexpensive
No corrosion effect on boiler equipment, as no sulfur emission during combustion of the briquettes, whereas coal emits sulphur dioxide that formulates sulphuric acid by integrating with moisture produces, increase the likeliness of corrosion
Biomass briquettes produced by our biomass briquetting machine feature low ignition point, unlikely to coal
Biomass briquettes ensure sustained and efficient combustion than loose agro wastes
The briquettes do not have any diverse effect on environment or health
The briquettes ensure easy handling, unlikely to loose husk / fire wood and versatility
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