Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Our Bio Coal briquetting machine / Press will bring you great economical profit.

Bio coal is a form of biomass only, which is produced by heating biomass in an inert atmosphere result in the charcoal, in case of process temperature is high or torrefied wood, in case of process temperature is mild. Both types of biomass is renowned as a bio coal is a Non conventional Source of energy, Renewable in nature, Eco friendly, non polluting and economical that offers outstanding benefits and to capitalize more, it is converted into the high density bio coal by undertaking the densification process through bio coal briquetting machine. We are a chief manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the bio coal briquetting machine featuring:

Nominal power utilization
Highest production aptitude
Strong construction makes sure long life expectancy
Direct feeding system help to decrease waste
Digital temperature meter to test out & regulate temperature
The siren system give you an idea about any problem if occurs in the machine
No binder requirements means no effluence
Delivers 65 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm diameter bio coal briquettes
No loss of production & Air pollution due to direct feeding system


The offered bio coal briquetting machine is an example of the advanced pressure heating technology usage, employment of the high grade raw material along with stern quality checks from the quality analyst team to deliver excel product to industries. We have successfully addressed all the global standards in the bio coal briquetting machine that manufactures bio coal briquettes characterizing exceptional uniformity, consistency and thermal productivity.

By owing the outburst demand of this lucrative bio coal briquetting, we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter come with the broad range of bio coal briquetting machine in regard to measurement & budget so as individuals can opt on suitable one. Our all inclusive exemplary quality range of bio coal briquetting machine covers Super 65 Model, Briquetting machine - Supreme 75 Model, Briquetting machine - Jumbo BRQ 9075 Model.

All of three models of our Bio Coal Briquetting Machines are ideal for:


Amla Seed , Almonds, Babool, Bagasse, Bamboo dust briquette,  Coffee husk, Castor seed shell, Cashew shell, Coir pith, Coconut shell,  Cotton shells, Rice husk, Paddy Straw,  Saw dust,  Tea waste , Soyabean husk, Jute waste, Tobacco waste, Groundnut Shell, Cotton Stalks / Chips, Mustard Stalk, etc.


Ceder cones, Sow dust, Wood Chips


Saw dust, Wood Chips, Rice Husk, bark, chips and woody materials, Oliveyard waste, Vineyard waste, Straw and Husk,


Corn cob , Corn cob waste


Saw dust, Other Agro waste,


Palm husk, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Rice husk char , Wood Chips,


Labakshi, Lantana, Banmara, Saw Dust, Cotton shells, Cotton Husk , Cotton Stalk, Katra   Grass, Agerntum , Thakalkanda, Ficus


Corn cob , Corn cob waste


Rice husk , Saw Dust, Rubber Wood Dust , Rice char [ash] , Rice stem, Rice Busha


Note: We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter based in Rajkot offers extensive array of the biomass briquetting machine along with offer tailor made manufacturing for the same. Further, we welcome customers coming from different states and countries and ensure prompt service & support to individuals.  For additional information on the biomass briquetting machine, feel free to contact us.