Crusher Cum Shredder

Crusher Shredder Machine

The crusher cum shredder is a paramount asset for the industries producing biomass briquettes with the help of a biomass briquetting machine – super 60 model or supreme 75 model, as both of the biomass briquetting machine models demands specific size of raw material to be processed. And the negligence of specific size requirement, perhaps leads to hazardous, thereby the large pieces of the raw material like jute, fiber, coir, chunks of wood and twigs etc, must be crushed or shredded to the pertinent size with the aid of crusher cum shredder.

With an enriched experience in the biomass briquetting machine manufacturing segment and leveraging the in depth understanding towards technology requirement to bring out the elite throughput from the forestry waste, Jay Khoiyar hands on the crusher cum shredder machinery, made with utmost attention and utilizing qualitative raw material to render paramount durability and long life expectancy, whereas well engineered configuration and manufacturing process help us to address outstanding powerful performance and smooth operationality.

The offered crusher cum shredder consists of alloy steel hardened chipping blades and freely swinging reversible shredding knives integrated with powerful stationary motor that operates powerfully and accurately chop off and shred the raw materials into size of 3 inches. Further, our crusher cum shredder can be easily mounted to the tractor to capitalize smooth operation and competent to shred leaves, small branched, coconut shells, etc, productively.    

Electric Motor 30 HP
Production Capacity 2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr
Feeding Raw Material up to 3” Diameter
Output size 10 mm
Motor base plate attachment
Tractor driven wit PTO shaft attachment

Our crusher cum shredder has earned greatest acclamation for holding traits including:

Less power consumption
Excellent corrosion resistance
Powerful performance & consistent output
Operational reliability with low operational cost
Rugged construction ensures a long life span
Outstandingly performs with any type of raw material
Easy to install and operate

Electric Motor

Production Capacity

Feeding Raw Material

Output size

Motor base plate attachment

30 HP

2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr

up to 3” Diameter

10 mm

Tractor driven wit PTO shaft attachment


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Note: We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the crusher cum shredder machine of around 500 to 800 kg/hour capacity that converts the large sized raw material up to 2-5 mm powdery form; however the production capacity solely depends upon the raw material to be used and feeding capacity of the person.