Powder Making Unit
Powder Making Unit Manufacturer

Powder making unit converts large sized forestry residue or agro waste into the powdery form to feed into briquetting machine model super – 65 and supreme – 75, designed considering advanced technology and the requirement of the biomass briquetting machine. This powder making machine specifically configured and engineered in compliance to the set industrial standards, thus ensure high performance, low power consumption, impeccable operation, outstanding output, hard wearing all through the life span.

This powder making unit is a most modern paragon of the novelty and defined engineering designed for serving the purpose diligently across different industrial verticals, such a powder making unit is integrated with a powerful motor that speedily grinds the biomass raw material. The raw material is fed into a screw conveyor to feed raw material into a hammer mill for granulating to the fined partials. The offered powder making unit is competent for crushing and rough grinding any type of agro forestry waste that is going to feed into the briquetting machine. The complete configuration of the powder making unit covers:

Screw Conveyor: Feeds agro forestry waste into hammer mill
Hammer Mill: Mince the raw material into fined powdery form
Blower, pipe, cyclone and airlock: stores powdery raw material
Screw Conveyor: conveys the powdery raw material up to briquetting press
Production Capacity 1500-1800 Kgs /Hrs Depends on raw material
Raw - Material Size Powdered form
Screw Conveyor Feeds raw material into hammer mill
Hammer Mill Reduces the size of raw material into powdery form
Blower, Pipe, Cyclone & Airlock Stores powdery raw material
Screw Conveyor Conveys material up to briquetting press

Our powder making machine has earned greatest acclamation for holding traits including:

Rugged construction ensures continuous operation
Adjustable and reversible hammer mill
Easy change out possibilities with bolted liners
Excellent grinding efficiency
Lower energy consumption
Low temperature rise for heat sensitive materials


Production Capacity

Raw Material Size

Main motor

Fan motor

Conveyer motor

Rotary Drum Motor

500-1800 Kgs /Hrs

Powdered form

25 HP

3 HP

1 HP

0.5 HP


Note: We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the powder making unit holding 1500-1800 kg / hour production capacity at the competitive rates in the market, and also provide ISO certified tailor made units for the same.