Turbo Dryer CTD 60
Turbo Dryer Unit

Ideally raw materials (agro waste) used for manufacturing biomass briquettes have 45% moisture content, which is by far than the idyllic amount of the moisture required to manufacture supreme quality biomass briquettes that is >12%. The solution to the problem is dryer that evaporates moisture content and bring it to the exemplary amount with the aid of the suspension drying of fiber materials like bagasse, jute, coir pith etc.

Jay khodiyar is the well liked name in the biomass briquetting manufacturing industry for rendering comprehensive solution concerning to the biomass briquettes, coming up with the other indispensible machinery required to reduce the moisture content from the agro waste, named Turbo Dryer CTD 60, is a highly engineered product consist of a stack of slowly rotating circular trays enclosed in an area where a heated gas or air flow continuously by centrifugal fan. Our turbo dryer CTD 60 has earned greatest acclamation for holding traits including:

Effectively controls temperature up to 650 C
Accurately controlled temperature time & remaining time
Automatically maintained drying conditions
Manual adjustment is supported
Environmentally sealed & explosion proof
Low energy consumption & labor cost
Less space requirement due to vertical construction
Compatible with steam, gas, oil, electricity, and high temperature oil or waste gas heating medium
Versatile to use as dryer, cooler, reactor, heat treater, humidifier, roaster and sublime


Moisture Evaporation Capacity 45O KG/HR.
Output 1500 KG/HR.
Maximum Input Moisture 35%
Outlet Moisture 15%
Centrifugal Fan Motor 15 HP
Vibrating Screen 2 HP
Screw Conveyor Motor 2 HP


This turbo dryer shares trait all inclusive, gentle handling, less product degradation, free flowing and excellent temperature regulation, is the throughput of groundwork and elongated experience in the same domain. Besides, adherence to the quality raw material and implementation of the state of the art technology are equally reasonable for the production of superlative quality turbo dryer CTD 60.

Moisture Evaporation Capacity


Maximum Input Moisture

Outlet Moisture :

Centrifugal Fan Motor :

Vibrating Screen

Screw Conveyor Motor


1500 KG/HR.



15 HP

2 HP

2 HP


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Operation of Turbo Dryer CTD 60 :

With regard to accomplish a drying operation, material is fed onto the top tray of the turbo dryer CTD 60 and on the completion of the one revolution, the material is wiped onto the next lower tray where it is properly mixed and then after one revolution again wiped onto the next lower tray where the same process is repeated till the last tray and as the trays are heated, moisture evaporated identically. Meanwhile, on the completion of the last revolution, the dried out substance released through an air tap duct.